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Generators » Diesel Generator Series

Power range : 10KW-250KW

SDEC diesel generator have power,economic and reliability. Using the closing  water circle systems. Easy operator. The million sets SDEC products in this market and good  after service.  Can  avoiding the troublesome from accessories supply and  after service

G128  is the upgraded products of 135D series,the new  electricity-saving  and low noise diesel generator. Most of this generator use advanced technology such as the pressure increase, interCooling, excellent  performance, compact design, strengthen reliability, and efficiently  improve the index of  emission and noise.


  • Easy operating, convenient parts purchasing, simple maintaining

  • Especially application to the environment for ship's engine  room

  • The front use 6 grooves belt pulley output, can enclose more engine  devices

  • Using the water cooling vent-pipe, decrease the temperature of the engine room. Improving the safety

  • The diesel generator above 176 HP with the remote instrumentation. For the safety using, can equipped with  water temperature, oil governor, rotate speed  indication and error warning device
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