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Power range: 5KW– 50KW

ST/STC series single & three-phase a.c synchronous generators are mainly designed to serve as
Power generating unit for lighting purpose in villages, town and house-hold electric appliances or standby power. The construction of the generators are salient-pole rotating field, self excitation with third-harmonic. The generator interior is made of high quality magnetic and electrical materials, and easy to maintenance. The characteristics of generators see as following:

1. Insulation is class B or F, drip-proof type is Ip21
2. Tight in construction for casting frame; If our customers ask for steel construction, we can meet.
3. The steady voltage regulation of generators are good in 3% speed variation, load from no-load to full-load and power factor from 0.8-1.0
ST/STC series single-phase/three – phase third-harmonic A.C. synchronous generators
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