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Power range: 10KW – 800KW

TFW series brushless three-phase A.C.Synchronous generator import, sigest and absorb international advance technology of manufacturing electric machinery. It’s the new-rype designed and developed A.C.synchronous gnerator by ourselves.
The series generator accord with most of international standards. They also accord with the following standards:
International Electrician Committee Comamand Standard IEC34
International Standardization Organization Command Standard ISO8528

NEMA standard
The procuct have outstanding performance, reliable quality, convenient maintenance. The generator and the engine can be connected with steel or flexble material. As a small-type generating station, it can be used in factories, buildings and worksites for lightening and electric power source.

Mechanical Specification
Steel frame
Cast iron cover
Excellent silicon steel chip
Import ball bearings
Mounting type:
Single bearing with standard SAE connection and SAE driving chip
Double bearing with standard shaft extension and flange connection cover

Electric Performance
The rated voltage is 400V
The frequency is 50Hz
The speed is 1500r/min
It’s three phase, four-wire type
It is adopted with brushless exciting system.
Insulation class: H
Protection class: IP21
Steady-state voltage regulation rate ≤ ±1%
Transient-state voltage ≤ +20%
The line voltage waveform distortion rate ≤ 5%
Voltage adjust range ≥ ±10% UN
Ambient temperature ≤ ±40oC
Altitude ≤ 40oC
Altitude ≤ 1000m
Air relative humidity ≤ 90%
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