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Generators » Diesel Generator Series

Power range : 20KW-120KW

The  generator manufactured by the Sino-German  Weifang Weichai Deutz, 4-stroke  industrial- use  water-cooled diesel generator. The voltage for the control system is 24V DC, use the  Rotational diesel, oil filter, dry air filter, generator use  the model design, have the compact advantage. It has the well performance power, economic, reliability and high versatility, easy to replace.

Alternator  standard configuration  with  our  TFW  or MYG  brushless series three phase synchronic alternators  produced by our company. The features and  technology parameter can refer to our company website  land use  alternator. According to end user  demand, can choose  the TFX series  synchronous alternator or STC series three harmonic synchronous alternator or other brand’s alternator.

The Genset is assembled in Diesel engine, Alternator, Base Frame, Connector  and Control system. Control system consist of  Voltmeter, Frequency table, Ammeter, DC  table, Water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, Oil pressure gauge, Oil level indicator, Protection and Switch systems. The way of start can choose hand start,  electronic start or ATS  in need.
According  the end-user demand,  the generator can configuring  the bottom fuel tank, have four protection function, can be equipped  with  low noise, auto or  more and one machine  in parallel system.
Generator model Standby output (KW/KVA) Prime output (KW/KVA) Engine Model Alternator model Technical Data
GF-D30 27/34 24/30 D226B-3D TFW (MYG)-30 deutzs diesel generator technical data GF-D30
GF-D40 44/55 40/50 TD226B-3D TFW (MYG)-40 deutzs diesel generator technical data GF-D40
GF-D50 55/69 50/63 TD226B-4D TFW (MYG)-50 deutzs diesel generator technical data GF-D50
GF-D75 83/104 75/94 TTD226B-6D TFW (MYG)-75 deutzs diesel generator technical data GF-D75
GF-D100 110/138 100/125 TBD226B-6D TFW (MYG)-100 deutzs diesel generator technical data GF-D100
GF-D120 132/165 120/150 TBD226B-6D5 TFW (MYG)-120 deutzs diesel generator technical data GF-D120
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