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Service Commitment

Minyuan aims at satisfying customers’s requirments, providing the users with qualified components and parts for standby, technical consulting, installation instruction, free debugging, genset retrofitting and staff training.

After receiving the complaints of quality from the users, feedback will be made or after-sales  team will be assigned to the worksite within 24 hours, which process won’t  stop until reaching the users’ satisfacation.

Service System

1. Pre-sales Service
Profeessional technician provide  the technical consulting and assorted  instruction, such as selecting  genset model, set supporting,designing of the generator room and so on.Solving the problems and troubles the users facing in the process of using and supporting the related technical instructions.

2. In-sales Service
Assigned professional technician guiding the intallation and debugging of genset at worksite after Minyuan receiving the inform from customers.

3. After-sales Service
1. Free providing the designing of genset room and distribution

2. Free guiding instalation and debugging

3. Free supporting the operator and maintenance

person with the technical training and consulting.

4. Guiding the maintenance

5. Providing the end-customers with establishing customer’s file,tracking service,regular inspection and lifetime service.

6. Supporting the quality components and parts and technical assistance at any time.

1. Maintenance period: 1 year or the time of accumulative total operation up to 1000 hours(depends on whichever occurs first), the supplier be responsible for the maintenances from the damage of components and parts and other stoppage caused by manufacturer’s inappropriate designing and unsuitable choosing raw materials  or caused by the manufacturer’s ignorance of installing.

2. The damage of deasily damaged parts and daily using parts of disel genset caused by the incorrect operation not falling the scope of manufacturer’s mainenance . Beyond the maintenance time, the components and parts supported upon the cost price and at the same time assigned professional technician processing the repair to the genset at worksite or in manufacturer factory.
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