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Power range: 64KW – 400KW

Products Introduction

TZH series three-phase compound excitation synchronous generators by introducing and developing on foreign advanced technology of well-known generators, are our newly developed products,. The generators are sefl-excited by compound excitation, have high reliability, easy maintenance.
Excellent dynamic characteristics when load ar unload suddenly. The characteristics of generator see as the followings:

1. The construction of the generators are salient-pole rotating field, insulation is class B or F, drip-proof type is IP22.
2. Tight in construction for steel frame, beautiful appearance
3. Unique construction for ventilatingto windings
4. High quality of AVRs have excellent characteristics.
5. Excellent dynamic characteristics when load or unload suddenly; strong starting system, even the motors only with its 70% capacity volume can be directly started and the switch will not trip.
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